I don’t claim any degree of perfection in my work. Anybody can make mistakes! But it is gratifying to receive some compliments about my work, and here are some extracts from emails I have received  recently.

From Wales:

“I bought your book ……………… and it arrived this morning.  I have had a good read through it and it is so good I have booked a 2 week walking and learning Spanish course through PeakMe in Panes for the second and third week in October.”

“…. book one is very, very good and I look forward to being able to get your follow on books and doing some of the walks.”

From Yorkshire:

“ I only did one walk from your book ……….. that was the Sedo de Mabro option to Walk 26 (Cares Gorge). The only addition I would make is in the last paragraph and it’s for reassurance to say that you cross the stream about half way down then re-cross it 3 times more by the bottom. I loved it.

From Italy:

“ many thanks for your book, i had bought it at Stanfords, London, and i really appreciated it. the descriptions are very clear, i also liked a lot the hand-drawn sketches ……. we combined some of your itineraries extending and joining them through a simple map-reading, and spent several wonderful days up there. i also appreciated how the book is organized (the subdivision according to access points, the difficulty rating, the overall information, etc).”

From Ontario, Canada:

“ …… thank you for your wonderful Spanish Trails book.  It has been our most essential tool in planning our trip to Spain this September.  We are so very excited for our upcoming travels and exploring the Picos de Europa.”

From Amazon’s website:

“ Really useful guide. Forgot the map one day and the directions and descriptions were accurate to the cm. Really useful. I wish there was one of these for every place I visit.”

“This book is easy to read and follow and brings to life the beauty of the Picos. Excellent!”

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