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Spain is a mountainous country, with big hills rising up above a 600-metre high plateau. Across the country there are lots of opportunities for hill walkers and climbers. This guide is for hill walkers and scramblers but not for rock climbers.

It is a large country with many different landscapes and climates. It can be hot in summer and cold in winter. Walking is seasonal according to the areas. This guide contains a selection of walks in different parts of the country, and shows when is the best time for each area.


The climate varies greatly from area to area. The north-west has an Atlantic climate, unsettled like the UK, but warmer. Other parts of the country are drier and generally hotter. Inland Spain can be cold in the winter, especially at night, whilst central and southern Spain are extremely hot in the summer. So, a walking trip should be planned according to the regions and the seasons. Generally speaking, the walking season for the far north is summer and autumn, and for the rest of the country it is from late September to May. In the south, mid-winter can be an excellent time for walking, generally with moderate temperatures, clear skies, and daylight until 6pm.

Although the seasonal climate is predictable, the weather in any individual day or week is not. If you are going into the hills, you need decent walking gear. Lightweight is usually preferable, but boots or good quality walking shoes, plus waterproofs and layers of clothing are always essential gear. Walking poles are also useful.

Perhaps the most important pieces of advice are the following:

Do not plan to walk in southern Spain between June and mid-September.
(In the Seville area don’t even think about it!)

Do not go to high levels in the Pyrenees, the Picos de Europa, or Somiedo, from

December until early June, unless you have winter skills and equipment.

Spring poppies in the Axarquia

Early June in the Picos

Spring poppies in the Axarquia

Early June in the Picos

Spanish Trails
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