Walking holiday opportunities

I have recently been collaborating with Paul Simmons, who operates a UK-based walking holiday business in the UK and overseas.

We have walked together recently in Spain, and he takes people to Corfu and other overseas venues. You can see his website at http://www.walkitcornwall.co.uk/en/map/andalucia-march-2020

This is what Paul has to say –

“As a walking guide and organiser of walking holidays I am always looking for areas that have many layers to them and a multitude of stories that reflect this through the culture, archaeology. geology, myths and legends, flora and fauna and obviously the vistas, food and accommodation. With the help of local guides we get to the DNA of each place we traverse and you are left with an understanding and a sense of place that will last indelibly as wonderful memories. Hopefully we also entertain and inform you and take the organisation of it all out of your hands so you can enjoy every moment.” 

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