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Grade 2 - 500 metres ascent and descent – 13 kms – moderate.

A very nice valley walk with great views of the mountains and several short cut options.

In Posada de Valdeon, look for the Hostal Corona, and walka cross the field outside the front door, keeping to the right of the new (ugly) sports centre (built in 2012), crossing the field diagonally to pass by a house on the right and reaching a street which you follow to the right. Take the first turn left, and follow the street past a dog pound to reach a bridge over the river.

Immediately before the bridge a faint path goes to the right, holding its contour a the river descends on the left. The path can be seriouly overgrown in the spring. If you can not find it, cross the bridge and continue on the track on the left bank of the river to reach the Mirador del Tombo mentioned below.

If the path is clear, follow it keeping the river on your left. It becomes a broader track and then reaches the narrow road which links Posada to the villages of Cordinanes and Cain. Walk along the road to the left, into Cordinanes, and passing a bar on the left descend to the river once more. The road goes uphill to the left, but you should turn right on a track for a short distance to reach the road once more. On the other side of the road you will find the viewpoint Mirador del Tombo, with a relief map naming the surrounding peaks. At the far side of the viewpoint a dirt track descends the valley in zigzags, crossing the road again and continuing to the valley bottom. Cross the river once more, passing by a hydro electric station and a medieval burial place, and begin to ascend a track. After a few metres take a footpath to the left, which ascends the hillside, more or less following a line of pylons. The path ascends and then descends, with the pylons below on the left. At one point you should take a left fork, It is easy to miss this turn, but if you reach an old farm at a dead end you have gone too far, so retrace your steps and try again.

The path reaches a valley and some cabins, where you descend to reach a dirt track and a small bridge across a tributary stream, with the river below on the left. Turn right on the track, which takes you to the majada of Corona. See the notes below for information on this site. For the longer walk continue past the Corona chapel to cross meadows, passing cabins, and continuing on a track by the river bank to cross the river on a rustic bridge. This point it known as Las Vegas (it was here long before the other one!!). Turn left to walk along the road. There is very little traffic. After 0.5kms you will reach the old wolf trap (see information below), from where you should continue on the road until you return the Mirador del Tombo.

For a shorter version of the walk, on reaching Corona return to the small bridge across the tributary stream, and stay on the track to cross the river and reach a quiet road. Turn left along the road to return to Mirador del Tombo.

From the Mirador, stay on the road going uphill, and shortly after it bends to the left, look for a path (indicated by a small sign on the side of the road) going uphill to the right, past a beehive enclosure. The path soon swings left and becomes a farm track which more or less holds its contour with the river below on the left. Stay on the main track, passing by a reservoir, until you reach a bridge where you could turn left to return to Corona. However, you can stay on the opposite river bank and follow the track past a fuente to another bridge which will lead you back to the village.


The chapel at Corona, apart from being a delighftul place, has a history, or at least a legend. When the reconquest of Spain began, Mendez Pelayo and his men marched from Covadonga, in the Picos, to the south and beat the Moors in battle. Returning north, Pelayo was reputedly crowned King of Spain at Corona. (Corona in English means Crown!)

The wolf trap is exactly what it says. It is not in use nowadays, but it is a monument preserved to the memory of the local people who hunted wolves to protect their livestock, by driving the animals into a stockade, and thence into a pit, where they were killed. A gruesome, but interesting, monument.




Mirador del Tombo

Western massif from Posada de Valdeon

Above Mirador del Tombo

Western massif from Posada de Valdeon

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